[ Code Mango ]
New pet profile, Simplicity, added! Code Mango is still on a hiatus however, I just had this one profile to add since I retired the others.

Retired the coding for Industrial Underground and Sneaky One Column. They can still be found on the pet profile page, as I don't want to delete them entirely.

The user profile page is organized quite a bit better now! There's also a new profile code up, with a few color scheme options as well. The extras page even has a mini-tutorial set up about basic HTML.

New site layout. I hope this one is easier to navigate for everyone. If it acts a bit buggy please let me know!

Another pet profile up, although it's just one I forgot to update.. Plus added some stuff to the rules and made a banner for you guys so you can actually link back easier. Please update your profiles with it or link back in some way!

First pet profile up, with a matching user profile on the way.

Started up Code Mango and quickly coded a layout for it. Going to work on some pet profiles next. Keep an eye out for new stuff! Hopefully I'll also get a banner link set up, for those who want to link to here.
And also, anyone who wants to affiliate, please contact Zubat.

Welcome to [Code Mango], a site that Zubat decided to make so users of Verpets could find free profiles for themselves and their pets. If you don't see something you like, please feel free to suggest something. I'll try to expand the available profiles whenever I have free time and motivation.

Please understand that I work on this site and free profiles in my spare time.

- Please link back. I have a button for this.
- Do not claim coding as your own.
- I don't really like it when you alter coding/colors, but I won't stop you.
However if you do this you must say the
base codes are from here.